Contemporary Art: A Great Art Form To Study

It’s all too common for family and friends to make fun of contemporary art, or to fail to see how art can possibly contribute to society. If you have aspirations to pursue a career in contemporary art, you may find that others are suggesting you pursue something more conventional, such as law or medicine. However, […]

Tips For Displaying Your Art in An Art Gallery

Long-time gallery owner, Ivar Zeile, as well as several other art world experts, helped us to answer the sometimes difficult question of just how to get your work displayed in an art gallery. As any artist knows, it can be a challenging road, and you’re never sure if you’re approaching the problem in the right […]


And so you are bored with how your walls appear of your house or at work? You don’t need to buy expensive original artwork to create sophisticated interior: by several good framed posters you may easily refresh your interior. Fine art posters and cook book posters would work excellent in kitchen, ocean design is acceptable […]