Contemporary Art: A Great Art Form To Study

It’s all too common for family and friends to make fun of contemporary art, or to fail to see how art can possibly contribute to society. If you have aspirations to pursue a career in contemporary art, you may find that others are suggesting you pursue something more conventional, such as law or medicine. However, contemporary art is important, and it plays a more significant role in society than many of us think.

Aesthetic Value

If you look at art, you hopefully enjoy the experience and have a sense of pleasure, and this aesthetic value is one of its most important qualities. Most of us are able to find some style of contemporary art that we like, given the wide range of methods and mediums that are available.

Different venues and outdoor spaces can also be decorated with modern art, transforming them from an empty or featureless space into something else entirely. A city landscape can be transformed by a piece of art. And it’s easy for anyone to afford to buy a reproduction painting or other piece of art to brighten up their home or office, although most of us can’t afford to buy the real thing.

Inspiring and Relaxing

Experiencing what is immediately in front of you without the distractions and worries of everyday life is what art means to many people, and looking at art in an art gallery can be relaxing, as numerous studies have shown. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that the symptoms of depression and anxiety can be reduced if you make a point of looking at art regularly.

Choosing to look at what appeals to you is important, and it has to be said that some art is simply more relaxing than other works. Interpreting and commenting on the world has long been one of the aims of contemporary art, and many of us who enjoy modern art do find that it inspires us, and compels us to be better than we are.

And you can really expand your horizon and experience another culture if you choose to study art n France, Italy or somewhere else overseas.

Personal Expression

Being able to express yourself personally is one of the big appeals of contemporary art, and we can all express ourselves through performing, painting, sculpting or photography. And being able to get a unique insight into the artist’s mind and thought processes is a way in which society benefits from the views and opinions that are put forward.

We all like to express our own opinions and feelings and make our home or workplace somewhere that reflects who we are and what we are interested in, and being able to display art is an easy and satisfying way to do that. And of course, you don’t need to be an artist or to have an expert understanding of art in order to appreciate or enjoy a piece of art. It gives others a good grasp of who you are.

Cultural Commentary

Commenting on the culture that surrounds them is something that many contemporary artists take advantage of in their work. In a piece of modern art, you can literally give your views on pop culture, politics or anything else you feel strongly about. A narrative of the artist’s views is often created, with the help of varied media, along with colours, shapes and images, and it allows an artist to engage with their audience too.

Art actually becomes a historical and visual record of life when it makes comments on the political, economic or religious climate or on pop culture in general. Perhaps this is why we feel the need to preserve art so carefully in museums and art galleries; the works actually give us an invaluable insight into what people felt, thought and believed at that time. Walk into an art gallery and look at a Renaissance painting, and it conveys so much more than a history book can.


Most of us find contemporary art to be thought-provoking, even if we don’t especially like it, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons that visiting museums and galleries are so popular. Being educated, experiencing growth and assimilating new information or ideas are some of the benefits that many of us get from sitting in an art gallery looking at a painting or sculpture.

Visuals are often more effective than words, which helps explain why contemporary art, such as the pieces at Ian Tan Gallery, is so powerful as well as thought-provoking. A piece of art has the power to change the way a person thinks or can even be shocking to the person viewing it, and this ability to trigger different emotions is one of the things that sets contemporary art apart from other genres of art.

Last Words

If you’ve read this, you should have a list of reasons why art is important, the next time someone questions your decision to pursue an artistic career. Having a degree in contemporary art is important, and it does take skill, commitment and dedication. And you can and should be assured that you are making an important contribution to society if you study modern art, photography or sculpture.